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Brite Side Design provides a full range of services, lighting fixtures, finishes and products, for all your architectural, landscaping, event, and holiday needs.Craig Rudasics, Owner of Brite Side Design

Unique Illumination

Our design professionals will discuss conceptual design ideas that fit your home and individual preferences. Each of our designers are experienced, trained professionals. With your direction and our expertise, you will receive a well balanced design that will exceed your expectations. Installation crews convert the design into reality. All components are professionally installed with the lighting fixtures precisely placed. The low voltage lighting systems allow for minimal impact to your existing landscape.

We monitor your lighting system for one full year to ensure your complete satisfaction. An industry-wide service network backs our lighting systems, our service is always prompt, professional, and courteous.

Brite Side Design Services

The bottom line… what you want is to drive up to a beautifully illuminated home or office building that reflects

  • Instant Curb Appeal

  • Increased Safety and Security

  • Increased Property Value

If you want the right company, here are some questions you should ask.

  • Will they be involved in the project from the initial planning to completion?
  • Is Outdoor Lighting their sole business and specialty?
  • How long have they been designing and installing Outdoor Lighting?
  • Can they offer you the full array of design options best suited for your project?
  • Can they offer you a wide selection of light fixture models and finishes?
  • Do they have experienced installation and set-up crews?
  • Is the designer on site during the installation or setting up of the lights?
  • Does the designer view, and set the directional lighting adjustments at night?
  • Do they monitor your lighting system for a full year, or throughout the Holiday or Event?
  • Will they be there to service your lighting needs, now and in the future?